Finding the perfect Christmas tree!

This is not a sponsored post I know, I know.. I’ve obsessed about getting a beautiful 8’ flocked Christmas tree this year, but it just didn’t work out. Which is totally ok, because the tree we ended up with is AMAZING! But the journey was a titch difficult. We have this fake tree in our… Continue reading Finding the perfect Christmas tree!

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Christkindlmarkt Celebration

This is not a sponsored post Last weekend was so much fun! My Husband, babes, Mom and I went to This Is The Place in Salt Lake to attend the Christkindlmarkt festivities. Let the shopping begin!! Every year, This Is The Place celebrates Christkindlmarkt, but I’ve never cared to go to it. This year, my… Continue reading Christkindlmarkt Celebration

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Overcoming abandonment issues

Truth For most of my life, I struggled with abandonment issues. I never knew when the wave of sadness was going to hit or what exactly would trigger my fear of abandonment. It could’ve been a song, a sound, a person, a laugh, a circumstance, an event, a picture, a show, a smell, someone walking… Continue reading Overcoming abandonment issues

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How many kids is too many?

Hello everyone! I felt like it would be fun to write an introduction in myself, so you know who it is that has been writing to you! In my opinion, the only people to discuss large families, are those who large families. I have a large family, and my hubby and I don’t plan on… Continue reading How many kids is too many?

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A great way to start the holiday season!

Hey y’all! Happy (late) Thanksgiving!! We had such a great day as a family. We stayed home all day, made breakfast, played cards, watched a Christmas movie, played in the snow and had a blast learning to make a turkey! I also got to finish sewing the rest of our stockings up! This was the… Continue reading A great way to start the holiday season!

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Finding yourself through horse riding

I am so incredibly proud of my first born babe. This year she began a new journey, with a foundation called Bridle UpHope and the other day, she advanced in it. Through the equestrian therapy and training she grew self confidence, happiness, a home away from home and self assurance. She also gained two new… Continue reading Finding yourself through horse riding

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Growth through pain

I was married for seven years. With this man, we share three children together. With this man I have been to Hell and back over and over again. With endless court dates, walking on egg shells, countless affairs, lying, a secret life, malicious intentions, narcissistic abuse, and abandonment all on his end and countless tears… Continue reading Growth through pain

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Fun at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

This is not a sponsored post My family and I hardly ever go to the Aquarium, because when you have five kids- prices add up realllllly fast.. We always try to do as cheap or free as we can. (Holla if you’re a frugal Mama 🙌🏻 haha!) Although, we were so excited to see that… Continue reading Fun at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

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We all know that one person with Christmas Fever. That one person who listens to Christmas music the second Halloween ends (or sooner if they’re really feverish!). The one who has to hit up all the best Christmas shopping places, like Target, Home Goods, Michaels... And the one who is already watching Christmas Shows or… Continue reading I’ve got CHRISTMAS FEVER!