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Halloween 🎃

Last night was Halloween, and it was a smashing success! This is the first time in all my kids years that Halloween was this fun and successful! Most of the years prior the homes were either out of candy or not participating in Halloween. And last year, we saw hardly any kids! It was crazy!!… Continue reading Halloween 🎃

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“How can you afford so many kids!?”

“How can you afford so many kids?” And “you want more kids!? Why!? You already have enough!”.. sadly, those are questions that automatically come to my Family and I in a daily basis. I knew fairly early that I wanted a big family. And once I have my first, I was obsessed. I wanted more!… Continue reading “How can you afford so many kids!?”

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Let’s talk fear…

Hey babes! Today I decided I wanted to discuss my overwhelming fear of heights. Like I'd drive 1,000 miles instead of flying-having panic attacks when off-roading-hyperventilating and fainting on planes kind of fear! My Husband is a true mans man. Outdoorsy, Mr Fix It mans man. He loves being in the mountains, and I do… Continue reading Let’s talk fear…