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My Easter Recommendations for your toddler!

Easter has got to be one of our favorite holidays to shop for! Between the pastel colors on everything, the yummy treats and the adorable decor- I am one happy mama! I have SIX little (maybe not all as little as I’d wish😅) babes to shop for and it’s never easy to decide what to […]

How to: customize your iPhone home page and icons

We’ve all wished we could customize our iPhone home pages and icons, right!?! I mean, if you haven’t- we can’t be friends! JK! With the latest iPhone system update, they made it possible!! This is what I have customized so far… Anddddd it’s simple! I’ve created a list to show you how I did it! […]

What is your favorite baby product?

Having six children, I have tried Brand after Brand… after Brand! I honestly think at this point, I’ve purchased every product out there (let’s not remind my Husband!) 😅 Out of all the products, there’s one Brand I continue to go back to- Nuby! If you’ve lived under a rock for years and don’t know […]

Healing trauma can be done

I remember the days I prayed for the life I have now. I came from nothing and made my life something. More than once.My life is proof that it WILL get better, that no matter how many times life knocks you down, that you can and should get back up. From a very early age, […]


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Hi, I’m Brittni. Some may know me as Freckled doe as well! I became a full-time mother in 2007, and an Influencer in 2019. I spend most of my time with my little babes and husband, but this blog and my Instagram follow us and my love for fashion!

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