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Mental Health and Motherhood

I have heard far too many times that you can’t love someone if you can’t love yourself… and I’m just gonna say it.. that’s BULL POOPY! A bunch of garbage, haha. I refuse to let any one of you beautiful souls think if you’re lost, sad, lonely, struggling to love yourself (just like me) that… Continue reading Mental Health and Motherhood

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Vulnerability and Healing

Lately I have been stuck in a rut. Filled with anxiety. Heartbroken. Recovering. Healing. And for reasons I can’t quite describe. But I’ll try. Several months ago, my mother needed help. She had a neighbor causing her mental and emotional distress, so I wanted to help her. I wanted to give her a safe place… Continue reading Vulnerability and Healing

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We need to be the change in this world

I have been subjected to harassment, bullying, rape, negativity, harmful behaviors and accusations since a very young age. And I wish I could say that now-as an adult- that it has stopped... But it hasn’t. But this isn’t a “pity me” story because I KNOW I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE, and how sad is that!?… Continue reading We need to be the change in this world

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Coparenting isn’t hard.. Third parties are what make it hard

*Disclaimer- this is in no way about my ex Husband. This is about a third party around my family* Recently, I was made aware of some cyber bullying attacks against me. I have chosen to keep quiet up until now because I was raised better than to tear others down by bullying, harassment or making… Continue reading Coparenting isn’t hard.. Third parties are what make it hard

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Shared custody during Covid19

If sharing custody wasn’t already difficult enough to navigate.. now let’s add Coronavirus into the mix! Y’all may be wondering why coronavirus has anything to do with shared custody, but it has a whole lot to do with it. There’s no saying what happens when my children are with their father half the week any… Continue reading Shared custody during Covid19

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Why I can’t keep an OBgyn during this pregnancy

I’ll be honest with you.. this pregnancy is unlike any other I’ve had, but then again- aren’t they all!? It’s true that with each and every pregnancy that I’ve had different symptoms.. different experiences.. but this one has been a different kind of hard. This time around my pregnancy started out rough.. I had morning… Continue reading Why I can’t keep an OBgyn during this pregnancy

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I’ve let you all down

I feel terrible. I’ve let my people down. Once I found out I was pregnant, I abandoned you. And for that, I am truly sorry! My pregnancy has been anything but easy. I went months with laying in bed, having constant ultrasound scans, feeling hungover and MISERABLE. But that is NO EXCUSE! So, I am… Continue reading I’ve let you all down

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It actually does get better!

My soulmate It really does! Everything gets better.Today, I have things I prayed for for years.Sure, I am not where I want to be quite yet, but I am so much closer that where I was.In 2013, My ex Husband had another affair and left me after 6 years. Which I am grateful for now!… Continue reading It actually does get better!

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I have been keeping a secret from y’all

I’ll be honest.. I had no intention of telling anyone for a while. My Husband and I felt like we wanted this moment to be just ours and not anyone else’s. We didn’t want the judgement or opinions, but my sweet adorable daughter outed is on Instagram, so I am forced to say it- we… Continue reading I have been keeping a secret from y’all

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Letting go of fear and loving myself completely

I’m shy. I’m introverted. I’m socially awkward. I’m damaged 10x over. People mistake me for being a snob because I just sit there and don’t approach them. But what they don’t understand is that makes them the snob. Judging me instead of trying to understand or acknowledge who I truly am. This is lovely I’ve… Continue reading Letting go of fear and loving myself completely

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Overcoming abandonment issues

Truth For most of my life, I struggled with abandonment issues. I never knew when the wave of sadness was going to hit or what exactly would trigger my fear of abandonment. It could’ve been a song, a sound, a person, a laugh, a circumstance, an event, a picture, a show, a smell, someone walking… Continue reading Overcoming abandonment issues

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How many kids is too many?

Hello everyone! I felt like it would be fun to write an introduction in myself, so you know who it is that has been writing to you! In my opinion, the only people to discuss large families, are those who large families. I have a large family, and my hubby and I don’t plan on… Continue reading How many kids is too many?