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Gender Reveal during Covid19

Today is the day! The day my entire family gets to know what the babies gender is. This has got to be the most excited we’ve all felt during the entire pregnancy. OKKKK so maybe it was supposed to be different for us... let’s rewind a titch to catch y’all up! My Husband and I… Continue reading Gender Reveal during Covid19

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I have been keeping a secret from y’all

I’ll be honest.. I had no intention of telling anyone for a while. My Husband and I felt like we wanted this moment to be just ours and not anyone else’s. We didn’t want the judgement or opinions, but my sweet adorable daughter outed is on Instagram, so I am forced to say it- we… Continue reading I have been keeping a secret from y’all

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Christmas activities in Utah 2019

This is not a sponsored post I have found a lot of fun, cheap and FREE Christmas activities to do in Utah and posted them below. Let me know if you know of any that I missed. I will continue to add as I see more as well. *Updated dec. 4, 2019* Tree Lighting Ceremonies… Continue reading Christmas activities in Utah 2019

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How many kids is too many?

Hello everyone! I felt like it would be fun to write an introduction in myself, so you know who it is that has been writing to you! In my opinion, the only people to discuss large families, are those who large families. I have a large family, and my hubby and I don’t plan on… Continue reading How many kids is too many?

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Fun at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

This is not a sponsored post My family and I hardly ever go to the Aquarium, because when you have five kids- prices add up realllllly fast.. We always try to do as cheap or free as we can. (Holla if you’re a frugal Mama 🙌🏻 haha!) Although, we were so excited to see that… Continue reading Fun at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

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Veteran’s Day Utah 2019

To honor those who have served and their families, I have put together a massive list of events, free meals and more for Veterans and their immediate families. Reminder: Military identification or proof of service is needed to receive these offers. Governors Day Jiffy Lube Service for Veterans Day, Nov. 11, all day, participating Jiffy… Continue reading Veteran’s Day Utah 2019

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“How can you afford so many kids!?”

“How can you afford so many kids?” And “you want more kids!? Why!? You already have enough!”.. sadly, those are questions that automatically come to my Family and I in a daily basis. I knew fairly early that I wanted a big family. And once I have my first, I was obsessed. I wanted more!… Continue reading “How can you afford so many kids!?”