About Me

Hi y’all!

My name is Brittni. I am a mommy to six amazing children and am Married to my DREAM MAN. My journey to find my Husband wasn’t all that easy though.. I had been in a bad marriage for several years before I met my Husband, and although my first marriage didn’t work out, I got three amazing children from it, and I had some hard challenges I learned from, so I feel completely blessed to have experienced it.

My life has been far from easy.. I have dealt with mental health struggles, divorce, custody, court, abandonment, sexual assault, neglect and so much more! Because of my challenges, I am on a mission to help others learn from my mistakes/challenges in life in hopes that it will prevent them from making the same errors or to help them overcome their hurt and pain.

Nothing will be held back! I pride myself on being fully transparent and honest in all areas of my life., so get ready for a WILD ride!

Since March 2020, I have been working on building a business through Influencing, and I have thoroughly enjoyed that! So much so, that I have spent most of my days editing, creating, building, contacting and organizing to better my Brand! I spend most my time lately on my phone or laptop, but it will all pay off soon, and I am so excited to have y’all on this ride with me!

I truly believe that Influencing is THE Career for me! I tend to be introverted and filled with social anxiety, so it is a safe way for me to express what I need to without feeling the anxiety, ha ha! I have since noticed that it has also helped- slowly, but surely- build my confidence as a mom boss and woman!

I am so thrilled to be on this journey, and I can not wait to share every high, low and in between moment with y’all!

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