About Me

Hi y’all!

Hi y’all! My name is Brittni, but most know me as freckleddoe! I am a mama of six amazing children (Brooklynn, Heath, Roman, Everly, Ella and Hawk) and am married to my DREAM man, Jayce- although most call him Papa Bear (or Big Sexy, but that’s for another day). W’ere currently living in Las Vegas, NV, but our story began in Saratoga Springs, UT!

My journey to here was nothing but difficult, but I never gave up hope, always strived to find the rainbow at the end of my stormy season and have become one strong ass mama because of it!

Since March 2020, I have been working on building a business through Influencing, and I have thoroughly enjoyed that! So much so, that I have spent most of my days editing, creating, building, contacting and organizing to better my Brand! I spend most my time lately on my phone or laptop, but it will all pay off soon, and I am so excited to have y’all on this ride with me!

Those difficult roads have led me to you (or you to me? ha ha) It all began with Instagram, and now I can be found HERE (obvs!), Instagram , Pinterest and everywhere, I pride myself in being fully transparent and honest in all areas of my life., so get ready for a WILD ride with my family of 8!

I am so thrilled to be on this journey, and I can not wait to share every high, low and in between moment with y’all!


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