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Mental Health and Motherhood

I have heard far too many times that you can’t love someone if you can’t love yourself… and I’m just gonna say it.. that’s BULL POOPY! A bunch of garbage, haha. I refuse to let any one of you beautiful souls think if you’re lost, sad, lonely, struggling to love yourself (just like me) that others can tell you that you aren’t capable of loving anyone.

I am proof you can.

One thing I can say, is that I have struggled with severe depression, severe anxiety, eating disorders and severely poor self image (amongst a cocktail of other things) and I KNOW that I love harder than I’ve even been loved back (aside from my amazing hunny and his deep devotion and love for our family!!)

Anywho, funny thing is is that I love so deeply, that my mental health tells me A LOT that no one could ever love me the way I love because I’m not worthy.. Pish Posh! Hush down brain. My whole point is that Mental health is NOT a defining characteristic of who WE, the WARRIORS are. Sure, mental health struggles cause symptoms, but we are not our symptoms.

We are fully capable of being amazing mommies, daddies, wives, individuals. We are still breathing and our hearts are still beating as anyone else’s on this Earth. I’ve heard for many years that mental health issues should be a hush hush topic.. a thing of shame. Proof someone isn’t stable or able to be a loving parent. For far too long, society and judgmental people out there have directed a common health concern into being a taboo topic attached with jokes about insane asylums, and I say ENOUGH.

My name is Brittni, and I struggle daily with Mental Health diagnoses, but they do not define me. They do not alter me. They do not control me. sure, they’re there, but so am I, and I am stronger. I am softer. I am kinder. I am filled with love, so much love to give and six children and an adoring husband to receive it.

Sure, I struggle, but I don’t succumb. I don’t give up. I still laugh, I still smile, I’m still here.

…and even better, I have a man and some seriously cute kiddos to cheer me on during the roughies! (Not to mention all of you amazing friends).

Hang in there,

Brittni 🤗


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