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My Easter Recommendations for your toddler!

Easter has got to be one of our favorite holidays to shop for! Between the pastel colors on everything, the yummy treats and the adorable decor- I am one happy mama!

I have SIX little (maybe not all as little as I’d wish😅) babes to shop for and it’s never easy to decide what to put in their baskets! Last year we started doing a large family gift and a few smaller individual gifts- so this year our family gift was a sweet little bun 🐰 and our family is OBSESSED!

As for individual gifts for my kiddos, that’s a whole other story! I do however have one of my babes all set- Ella Norene! 🐣

This little lady LOVES to read, so we got her the Blue’s Clues & You! Easter Book . The illustrations and the fun story line really had her giggling and it was just the absolute best to watch! My 1.5 year old son also loves this book!

Next was a Little Live Pet Chameleon! This little guy (or girl if you ask Ella 🤭) is just absolutely adorable! Not only does it change colors, but it can stick to almost anything, which makes it fun for long play time!

I’d have to say by far, Ella’s favorite was the Blues Clues & You! Peek a Blue Plush!! 🐶 Blues Clues & You! plays peek a Boo with you and makes fun sounds when you squeeze her belly to give your little a case of some serious giggles!!

We also got her some Roller Derby Adjustable Roller Skates to learn (and grow) with! They have an adorable ice cream pattern on them and are extremely easy to put on and take of, all while keeping your babe secure in them.

Other fun items to add (possibly for a tad older audience) would be this game I found called Soundiculous . It seems like a super fun family game where you make silly sounds and literally keep the giggles going all night while creating some amazing memories!

And I found some really cute sticky notes from MyWish4U. We actually have some to put in my school aged kids lunch boxes that are so fun!

You can get your products here and here !

What do you think about my finds? What are you gifting your littles for Easter!? Let me know in the comments!!!

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