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What is your favorite baby product?

Having six children, I have tried Brand after Brand… after Brand! I honestly think at this point, I’ve purchased every product out there (let’s not remind my Husband!) 😅

Out of all the products, there’s one Brand I continue to go back to- Nuby!

If you’ve lived under a rock for years and don’t know the Brand Nuby- first- climb out of your rock (kidding…) and second- listen up! Nuby offers all things baby! Their products range from things like… sippy cups, pacifiers, bottles, toys, bibs, teethers.. I could keep going forever y’all!

In our home, we’re HUGE fans of Nuby- and we’re so excited to be able to test out some of their newest products!! Nuby sent us their Thirsty Kids Bolt, 2 Stage Tristan Edge 360 Sippy Cup and their Silicone Avocado Teether.

Everly loves the Thirsty Kids Bolt so much! It is pink and has Glitter and Unicorns all over it (they also have blue ones with pirate sharks for your little boys!) . I love the Pop Up Spout which allows her to drink at ease and not spill! It also it shatterproof which is super important! These are available at Walmart and are for 18 months and older!

Ella adores using the 2 Stage Tristan Edge 360 Cup which has a spill proof rim that’s easy to clean up. I find that having my babes use these has made me feel more confident that their juices are going to get all over my floors!! These are best for the age groups 12 months and older and can be found at Amazon. Some other amazing details are;


  • Stage 1 – easy grip twin handle drinking cup:  the easy grip handles allow baby to get a firm grip while drinking. The twin handles help your child guide the cup to their mouth and drink by themselves.
  • Stage 2 – tumbler drinking cup:  when your child is ready to hold the cup base without handles, simply detach the easy grip handles.

And then there’s my sweet Hawk babe! He is currently 8 months old and is teething like crazy y’all!!! I swear he’s been teething since he was born, but more so now than ever, so to have their Silicone Avocado teether is wonderful!! It’s is made with 100% super soft silicone and several textures to help comfort your little babes sore gums! These are perfect for babies who are 3 months and older and can be found at Walmart, Amazon and Target!

I know you mamas and dada’s out there are always trying to look for the best of the best products for you sweet little babes, and honestly- through six children, I can say Nuby is where IT IS AT! Between the love and thought they put on to each of their products, and all they offer, they are absolutely someone to check out when it comes to your babies needs!

Be sure to check out Nuby’s giveaway I posted about on Instagram to score yourself some of these goodies!!! 💋


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