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We tried the Chocolate Pen..

If you’ve been on YouTube during the Holidays, there’s no doubt you’ve seen ads for the Chocolate Pen.

Chocolate pen, cookies, making cookies, child influencers, baking

We are HUGE chocolate lovers in our home, so naturally, once we saw an ad, we knew we needed one! They reached out to us and we were so excited we would finally be getting to try it!

The day finally came when our Chocolate Pen showed up and we couldn’t wait to try it out! They sent us chocolates, popcorn, melting candies, sprinkles, cookie cutters and so much more to make sure we could make cookies, popcorn balls and other goodies.

We had a BLAST creating memories and making yummy holiday goodies! 🍪 🍿 🍬

My favorite was the marshmallow snowman chocolate spoons for the hot cocoa! ☕️

Their pens and chocolate warmer were super easy to use too! All my babes had a blast and we can not wait to break it all out again and start making some more fun treats!!🤍


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