This is me

This is Me, Brittni.
Here are some things to know about me..

• I am a Mama of Six (3 girls, 3 boys)
• Married to a hardworking Soldier
• One failed marriage, one successful one
• Pregnancy loss
• Been in UT practically my entire life, but soon we’re moving to Las Vegas
• My kids are ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴛʜɪɴɢ to me, and by everything, I mean that every.single.decision I make is based around their well being
• I am 32 years old (yes I was a teen mom🙌🏼)
• Custody court survivor, rape survivor, divorce survivor, suicide survivor
• I’m a mental health advocate
• I started influencing in March 2020 and opened my blog in Nov 2019!
• Why? It was time to finally speak my truth instead of others speaking it for me. 99% of my CLOSE circle had tainted my truth and I knew I needed to stand up because there was a lot of misconception and lies out there about me and I was inspired to help, heal and bring positivity to y’all’s lives through my lessons and stories.
• I don’t just talk about the heavy, I also discuss fashion, motherhood and more!
• I spend 90% of my day trying to better my influencing game, reading/responding to emails & DM’s, writing down content ideas, creating posts, etc. I am beyond devoted to becoming the best influencer and I know my dedication WILL pay off.
• l never shared just the pretty things, I like to keep it real and raw and will discuss ANYTHING.
• Being on this platform has given me drive and self confidence and it’s all thanks to my amazing followers and Brands!

Now that I’ve shared a little about me, let’s hear something about you!

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