Becoming Brittni

Is there anything she can’t handle?

She has been broken.
She has been knocked down.
She has been defeated.
She has been abused.
She has been taken advantage of.
She has been used.
She has felt pain that most couldn’t handle…year after year.. day after day..

Moments that took her breath away. Brought her to her knees..

Yet, she doesn’t run.
She doesn’t hide.

She always finds a way to get back up.

She is unbreakable.
She is a warrior.

Recently, when I look in the mirror, I don’t recognize the woman I see.. because the woman I see is ME- me as my best self.
This is a new view for me.
For once, I see ME and I ACCEPT myself. Even more crazy, I LOVE myself.

I’m not perfect, and I def have a story to tell with plenty of skeletons in my closet, but- self love is strong in my game now and that’s HUGE! (I mean, heck! I actually smile big in my photos now!!)

A huge thank you to my amazing followers, friends, family and Brands for your love, support, faith and giving me the best year of my life!

You have all inspired me to keep going and to grow, and I will forever be grateful! 🤍


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