Happy Anniversary to us

It has been three years since we said I do.

And in those years,
We learned how to communicate,
We learned what a true marriage is,
We made a home over and over again(sometimes out of nothing),
We fought,
We laughed,
We cried,
We healed,
We forgave,
We made memories.

Sure, over the years we did all those things, but darling.. we did so much more too.

We loved.
We played,
We grew.
We changed.
We longed for one another.
We built a family.

But still, every time- without fail- we always circled right back to LOVE.

No matter what we’ve endured.. our Love was always right there with us.

Reminding us to forgive,
To be patient,
To grow together,
To stand strong, and
to remind us of the happy times- which are such beautiful memories to hold and heavily outweigh the not-so-happy times.

If it weren’t for my Husband, I’d never have known what it felt like to be truly loved.

I never would’ve known what a real marriage was.

What forever & ever felt like.

For him, I am so grateful.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Papa Bear.
You still give me butterflies.


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