We don’t say blended..

We don’t say blended.. we don’t say step.. we don’t say half and we don’t say non-traditional.

We are a family. A while unit.
One thing I have learned is that Family isn’t always blood, Family is where you find it.

We chose to be a family- we chose to go through this life together. We chose to love another deeply. We chose to forgive each other daily.

Really, we all just picked each other… through choices and intention.

Through the years, we have had skeptical third parties and had hopeful third parties. The hopeful side has often times suggested that “we can make a family of our own”, but if they looked closer, they’d see that that is what we had been doing all along.

And to the skeptics.. there is no such thing as a ‘broken family.’ Family is family, and is not determined by marriage certificates, divorce papers, or adoption documents.

Jayce is a Husband and a Father of SIX.
I am a Wife and a Mother of six.
Brooklynn is a Daughter and a Sister.
Heath is a Son and a Brother.
Roman is a Son and a Brother.
Everly is a Daughter and Sister.
Ella is a Daughter and a Sister.
Hawk is a Son and a Brother.

There are no steps, no halves, no blends of any sort.

We are Family. Maybe not all through blood, but just as worthy and loved just the same.


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