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Stronger Athleisure

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I like to do things that make me feel stronger.

Mentally stronger.
Physically stronger.
Emotionally stronger.

Whatever it may be- if it can strengthen me as a woman- I’m going to do it.

All it takes is a shift in my mindset, a sprinkle of positivity.. and maybe a good outfit😉and I’m on my way.

Lately (for the first time ever) My husband has been training me to squat with weights in the gym and in a matter of three weeks, I’m already up to 80 pounds!💪🏻

One thing that has helped me get to this point is my Athleisure.. yes- you read that right! My outfit..

What you wear to the gym can really help you- whether it be confidence, ability or support!

My #strongerlabel outfit does all those things and more! It sucks me in, does not limit my movement, hides all flaws, wicks away moisture and helps support my balance.

I’ve never had Athleisure that did ALL the above + more so it’s pretty safe to safe- I’m obsessed and I just know you will be too!!

And even better- they gave me a discount code for my amazing followers!!

🌿Use code: Freckleddoe20
to score 20% off!! 🌿


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