Finding my forever person wasn’t easy..

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how far we’ve come.

Not a moment passes where I don’t wonder how I deserved such an amazing person like yourself.

Blessed and gratitude are not even words deep enough to explain my emotions.

We are two months away from having been together for seven years.. in those seven years, we’ve endured it all.


Constantly people were pushing us to not be together..

“He’s no different than your ex”
“You sure you wanna be an instant dad?”
“She’s wasn’t raised Mormon.. aim higher”
“Can you even really trust him?”
“She’s already been divorced- what makes you think it’ll work?”

Soooo many opinions and they were all incredibly unwanted.

And let’s add so very rude.


The fact was- we loved each other. There was a deep familiarity and comfort we shared together.
We were inseparable.
There wasn’t an hour in the day where we weren’t texting, calling each other or with one another.

Nothing has tore us apart.
We’ve endured financial stresses,
Being evicted,
Living in a hotel,
Unwanted opinions,
Court battles with my ex,
and so much more.. but you know what…

Never once has it broken us.
Never once has is dimmed our light.
Never once has it made us rethink our love for one another.

It did the opposite.
We grew stronger and so did our love.


We are now sooo many steps closer to our dream life.

What we wished for 4 years ago, we now have.
What we prayed for during hard times has become a reality.

This isn’t just a typical insta post of how “WONDERFUL & perfect” my life is.

This is a celebration. A moment of pride and appreciation for our story that brought us here.

I wouldn’t change our path for anything.
I wouldn’t want a different story.

I have the deepest appreciation for our journey together.

My Husband has it all.
He is warm.
A gentle giant.
A soldier for our Country.
A step dad so wonderful that he has always considered my older children his.
A father so perfect that he is always there for dinner, goodnight kisses and weekends.
A Husband so devoted that he finds every way possible to make me feel loved and special.

This is a thank you to him.
Thanking him for being a part of this journey. Thanking him for always doing what is necessary. No matter how hard it is.

I love you papa bear🤍

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