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Have you heard of Drybar?

I was recently invited to go to @thedrybar newest location in Sugarhouse✨
(Drybar isn’t just Utah specific, they have other locations in the U.S.)

I am someone who has never been to a spa, I dye my own hair.. maybe once a year will I go to a salon.. so this was something I was really excited to try out!

For those of you who don’t know what DryBar is, they don’t do cuts or colors- they just do blowouts!

So how it worked was they set me up my appointment, I got there (masked up!) and waited in my car until my appointment. Once it was my turn, they had me go in.

My first impression was “HOW cute is this place!?” It was very clean, all white with hints of yellow everywhere. They had a light made out of blow dryers! Attention to detail is major for me, and this place had it going on!!

They say me down at a long bar lined with hair chairs.. I looked through their look book and after I picked my style, she took me over to their hair washing station.

This room was adorable! Very chic. Very feminine with the cutest art of women taking bubble baths! 🛁

After that, it was time to go back to the chair and get styling! 🧖🏼‍♀️

I’ll be honest, I have some THICK hair, so it took this poor babe forever to blow dry my hair😅, but while she did that, they had @realhousewivessaltlakecity playing to help pass time!

(I’ve never watched any of those shows before and boy is there a lot of chaos on them😂)

Next was time to style my hair- which she did with a flat iron. I usually hate having my hair curled with a flat iron, but was pleased with the outcome!

I’d say all together, I was there just over an hour. So not bad at all, but I have thick hair that takes forever to dry so def consider that.

Overall, I truly enjoyed my experience there and the outcome exceeded my expectations!

Head on over to @thedrybar to see all they have to offer💋


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