Becoming a mother changed everything

I have been a mommy for almost fourteen years now..

At seventeen, I was forced to grow up.
Instead of hanging out with friends, I did diapers.
Instead of partying, I did feedings.
Instead of School, I did laundry.
Instead of silence, I soothed a crying baby.
Instead of a swimsuit ready body, I had stories marked all over my skin.
Instead of finishing high school and going off to college, I dropped out and got married.

Becoming a mother as a teen wasn’t my plan. But becoming of mom of many was.

They say, “first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage”, but that isn’t how my story went. My story was “love, baby, marriage, more babies, divorce, love, baby, marriage and more babies”.

My story is perfect. Just because it wasn’t how everyone wanted it for me, doesn’t mean it isn’t the most beautiful and perfect story.

I always wanted to be a mommy and always wanted to have many babes.

I got seven.

First came Brooklynn. A daughter so beautiful and the most wonderful unplanned blessing. She made me a mother.

Then came Heath. My first son. I was beyond thrilled to have him in my life. Once born, he and I were inseparable.
He is forever my angelbabe.

Then was Madysen. A darling daughter who didn’t make it home with mommy, although she will forever be in my heart. I can’t wait for the day I get to hold you in my arms love.

Then was Roman. My son. My hero. He has overcome so many hard obstacles and inspires me every single day. He is such a blessing.

Then there’s Everly. Another unplanned but deeply wanted and truly loved daughter. This girl brings such fire to our lives. She’s energetic, sassy and has a huge heart.

Next is Ella. Our little Goldilocks.. My fourth beautiful daughter. She is very much like her sister Everly.. sassy, independent, driven, bossy..MOODY, but a deep lover with an infectious smile.

Last is Hawk. My third son. He made our family whole. He has brought so much love to our home. I can not wait to see who he becomes.

Sure, my story isn’t the average persons, but it is mine and I LOVE it.
I am beyond blessed to have these beautiful children call me mommy!

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