The deepest love story begins within

“Girl marries boy at seventeen, has three children, divorces almost a decade later, life falls apart and her knight in shining armor sweeps her off her feet and they ride off into the sunset together”

It wasn’t as black and white as that.. it fails to explain every detail- good and bad. It misses where all of the love really happened.

It’s about love for myself that grew from ashes.
It’s about fear.
It’s about family.
It’s about pain.
It’s about shame.
It’s about sitting in endless court rooms together and it helping you two become stronger together.
It’s about becoming best friends.
It’s about learning to stand on your own two feet, but also allowing someone to carry the weight for you.
It’s about everyone and everything trying to pull you two apart.
It isn’t about one failed marriage and one successful one.
It’s about a STRONG woman..riding through endless storms and allowing them to build her up.. to strengthen her, to hurt her, to heal her.. to show her what she is capable of.

This love story is for her, because it WAS her.

I adore my Husband.
But.. he DOES NOT complete me.
He is my Partner. My Best Friend.
He is my ride or die- my Papa Bear.
We are two individuals, consciously together, partnered for life, through thick and thin.
Yes, I certainly rely on him a lot.
He is an important part of my life and support system.

I don’t ever want to live a life without him, but I know now that I can.

MY love story taught me that. That pain, hurt, tears and grief turned into faith and love for myself.

Like I said.. I never want to live my life without him by my side, but I feel extremely blessed that my faith and love in myself has grown to where I have confidence and know that I could.

Our love story is one of the greatest of all times and it stands right there next to my love story with myself. ❤️

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