Surviving 2020

Making gingerbread houses

This year has been weird..scary.. intimidating.. confusing.. stressful..

Sure. We can look at all the FEAR based emotions and feelings it has caused, or we can look at all of the positive it has caused too- which is something not many are looking at.

This pandemic has actually been a good year for our family- and I know MANY of you it hasn’t, and I am deeply sorry for that- but for us- it hasn’t changed much and I feel truly blessed.

Four of my children are school aged- but truthfully I love having them at home during school. Personally, I don’t like schools. I feel like my children weren’t fully safe in one and I feel like they were way too influenced by their peers while there, so to have them home for school truly eases a lot of fears and anxieties and I know they will get their work done. I also adore the extra time with them!

I know a lot of you have to work and can’t have your children home all day alone, and I feel for you.

As for work- I influence and am a homemaker, and my husbands jobs are secure. He works construction and is in the army so he has security.

So far, *knock on wood*, we haven’t been infected with covid19, and we feel truly blessed. We wear our masks, social distance (which we did before this because we’re very antisocial.. haha), and we stay home a lot.

But I know many of you have been ill or know someone who has been and that is scary! I wish you so much good health and happiness!

Sure, life has been hard at times, but for the most part.. we’re great. we’re healthy. We’re doing alright.

2020 hasn’t been a terrible year for us.. in fact, we welcomed our sixth baby this year and that alone is so much of a blessing.

I also gained 70,000 followers on Instagram after beginning blogging and influencing this year. That is a HUGE accomplishment and I feel very proud of it.

We have a home. We have a vehicle. We have job security, food in our fridge and each other.

I know many of you don’t have these things and have struggled tremendously this year and for that I am praying for you all, sending love your way and also sending you hugs!

What is your most favorite and least favorite part of 2020?

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