A little bit about me

Who else feels like the weekend is NEVER long enough!?🤪 Since there’s some new faces😘 around here, I thought I’d share some fun facts about me!

✨I did Ballet for YEARS and am looking into getting back into it 🩰

✨I dropped out of High School at 17, and went back to School at 30 and got my diploma!

✨I was a teen mom🤍

✨I hate soda and don’t drink alcohol.

✨I LOVE hip hop/rap😍- the more the bass- the better! But I also love many other types of music.

✨The only bones I’ve ever broken are my toes (from pointes🩰) and only had stitches once from one labor.

✨I cry like a baby when people give birth in movies, and I REFUSE to watch horror movies.

✨I LOVE rice crispy treats and lemon bars. If I make them- guaranteed I will eat them all that same day.

✨I have one tattoo, but have plans to get lots more. My mom and I will be doing one together soon!

✨I can draw very well, but keep it private because it’s a way of journaling for me.

✨I can’t swim. I’m actually TERRIFIED of bodies of water and flying.

✨I’m more comfortable in jammies, no make up and a messy bun than dressed up.

✨I’ve been a mom for (almost) 14 years, been married twice, divorced once, in and out of court for custody battles, working on building a brand and I still don’t feel like an adult half the time. #youngatheart

✨It takes A LOT to wake me up. I have slept through some crazy situations🤪

✨I have been raped but refuse to let it define me.

✨I have a baby girl named Madysen in heaven waiting for me👼🏼

✨I’m a six enneagram.

✨I’ve been homeless twice and had a moment where I lived in a hotel. I have come VERY far and am very proud of myself.

✨I am seriously introverted and awkward in person🙈

✨I’m left handed.

So… now that you know some fun things about me… TELL ME A RANDOM FACT ABOUT YOU❤️

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