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Feeling confident in my skin

Y’all know I am OBSESSED with Liam and Companies clothes!

Being a Brand Ambassador for them has been one of my biggest blessings🤍

It is all thanks to them for why I became obsessed with clothes- because before them- I was in sweats ALL DAY. Now I have a reason to be dressed up.. and that because they send me the BEST clothes!

Clothes that make a mom of six feel 20 again!🥰

This company is ALWAYS staying up with the newest trends, and offered an outfit of the week deal every single week!

I am wearing their;

Worthington plaid cardigan in Large- this is part of their outfit of the week- TTS.

Madysen leopard print pullover in xl- TTS.

Isa heeled bootie in size 10- TTS.

I am 5’7” and 200 pounds for sizing references.

There is literally no reason you shouldn’t be on their site shopping right now😂


📍Oh hey.. while you’re there, use my code: Freckleddoe20 to save some money babes!!! 📍


To follow more of my life, head on over to Instagram 🤍

https://www.wethrift.com/liam-and-co. Also has my code listed 🤩


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