Mothering YOUR way

Yesterday I posted a photo similar to this one and received a lot of dm’s. The messages were directed at me being a bad mom because only half my kids are in this picture…🤨 it got me thinking of a good topic.

A topic inspired by the pressure to be liked or look a certain way.

“Take photos of your children, but only if all your children are in the photos or they’ll see you as a neglectful mom.”

It seemed silly to me.. really? I’m only a non negligent mommy if I’m showing all my children in one photo?..

I’m not moved by this at all.
It truly doesn’t affect me, but it is a good topic.

Mothers are attacked for everything!

Make sure your home is clean, but doing anything that takes time away from your kids is neglectful.

Shower.. or maybe don’t/ it’s neglectful to your kids..

Tired? You could nap, but then who’d play with your kids?

You need a minute to yourself? That’s ok/ but don’t take too long or you’ll neglect your kids..

Anything a mother could do or wants to do could easily be turned against her- and it’s simply unfair.

Being a good mommy means having alone time to reset.

Being a good mommy means you can do why you want- when you want- you get to make the decision of what a healthy lifestyle is with no judgement!

Being a good mommy is doing things FOR YOU. Whether it’s working out, getting ready, going to the market alone.. whatever it may be!

We are all good mothers.

Who cares what they say.

Go in- take a long shower girl, head to the gym.. hide in your closet and eat candy!

Do what you need to do, because THAT is what makes you a good mommy. Putting yourself a priority is why YOU ROCK!!

After all, we have to be happy and love ourselves in order to be our best selves. Self care is love!

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