being a minimalist during the holidays

This time of year is one of my favorites! Although, this year- especially this year-it may be more stressful than ever.. it seems like everywhere I look, that someone somewhere is suggesting you buy this or buy that for the holiday season.
Which I can totally understand- because we have all been hit hard!

Every year we go through our pantry to donate food and then go through the toys and donate those as well. It’s small, but it’s something that we’ve been able to do- even in our most difficult of times.

This year, I want to stick to intentional shopping.
Only purchasing four things for my children (want, need, wear, read)!

I’ve noticed how much more grateful they seem when you stick to a small amount and those things actually will get worn or used!!

This year I’ve become more of a minimalist.. endless donating and runs to the dump!

I want to teach my children that they don’t need THINGS.. that all they need is right here- their family!

Have any of y’all started your shopping for Christmas? What’re your gifting traditions?

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