The fleeting moments of motherhood

I was ready for all the firsts, but I was not ready for the lasts..

The first smile, the first giggle, the first time they roll over, the first walk..the first run.

As a Mama, I’ve anticipated and overly celebrated these mini milestones with such pride and joy, but let me tell you..

When you take down the bassinet and stare at the empty space where it once was.. when you box up your babes clothes because they’ve outgrown them.. when you get rid of their infant car seat and put them in a big kid car seat.. Wondering when your babe went from a little to a big soo fast.

Whew..😓The emotions of motherhood are not for the faint of heart.

Closing any chapter in your mommy book is rough..whether it is;

The last bum up in the air sleep.
The last time they call you mommy.
The last diaper.
The last time you bottle/breast feed.
The last time you potty train.
The last time they want to snuggle you all day.
The last time they share a room with you.

..the list could go on forever!

You can try to prepare yourself for these fleeting moments, but no matter what- your heart will hurt.

Hawk is my last baby and there is something about that that I didn’t realize would be so hard.. instead of anticipating every milestone, I see everything as a last. I know I will never have these precious moments with another babe again and it has been a lot harder for me than I realized.

Sure, some things may bring relief, joy or happiness to have end, while other things may cause you grief, heartache and sorrow… and some things are a mix of emotions..

Whatever you’re feeling- it is completely ok. Always allow yourself to feel your feelings and to heal and process in the way you need.

After all, motherhood is the biggest wave of love, happy, sad, frustrated, silly, stressful, tiring, passionate moments you will ever experience.

Becoming a mother is by far the best thing I have ever done with my life.

Hold tight to your babies, because babies don’t keep🤎

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