Halloween during a pandemic

Halloween 2020 was an interesting experience!

This year we decided to dress up as Peter Pan characters. I was going to be Wendy Darling, Jayce was Captain Hook, Ella was Tinkerbell and Hawk was Peter Pan.. well my costume came with a broken zipper, so I couldn’t were it and Hawk threw up all over his, so he couldn’t either.. haha. I ended up throwing a leopard costume together with random things I had in my closet, and hawk ended up being a wolf.

My mask kept rubbing my nose paint off, but I swear it was so cute 🤣

We decided to take our children to Daybreak and trick or treat! it’s always been a fav spot of ours for many reasons. So it just made sense this year to continue the tradition.

Most people blocked their porches off with chairs, caution tape, pumpkins or Halloween props to show they weren’t participating

I feel blessed to have been able to take my babes trick or treating, because I know a lot of y’all couldn’t.

The news did a poll and it stated 70% would still participate (whether it’s pass out candy or dress up and go out).
Based on where we were, I’d say it wasn’t too accurate. More homes than not were dark and not passing candy out- which is totally fine and understandable! I was just surprised to see (with those results) that barely anyone was giving out candy. There were still plenty of kids out and giggles in the air!

My little Harley Quinn and Tinkerbell babes

Halloween definitely looked different this year though. Everyone had face masks on and gloves. Hardly anyone handed us treats personally- they used tongs.. many had pipes to slide the treats down.. one man used a covered air filter as a candy shoot.. another woman had a sling shot! It was tremendous fun to see the creativity and festivity that some put into this night.

Here comes the candy!!

Many were giving out kind sized candy bars because they “felt bad for children during these times.”

I’d say overall- sure it was different, but boy did we make some great memories!🤩

How was y’all’s Halloween? Was it different than others?

These people had a candy shoot out their window and they blocked off their porch with a massive fish 🤣

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