Surviving mom guilt

There are crumbs on the counter.

Dishes in the sink.

The floors need mopped..

Laundry is piling up.

I should probably brush my hair..

Tons of packages need sorted and organized..

I’m scatterbrained, anxious and exhausted today.

I watch my children feeling all types of mom guilt.. are they happy? Are they bored? Do they need a certain part of me today that they aren’t getting?

But one smile from each of them, no matter how big it was and I’m calmed..

I’m reminded that they are happy.

I am the mommy they need-always.

We are all content.

We are safe.

We are together.

They don’t need a constantly clean home. It’s ok to have dirty dishes and floors.
The wash can wait!

Those silly things don’t make me the mom I am.

My strength.. my love.. my passion and my determination to always be the best mommy I can be are who they will remember..

They don’t care about a dirty house.

They care about a mom who is present.

To follow more of my life, head on over here! 😌


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