I Voted!🇺🇸


I will admit, I have never voted before and I’m 32!

You’re probably wondering why, but it’s all the usual excuses really..

At first I didn’t care to- I hated politics- it just seemed like an excuse to divide people and to me, that was drama and there was no love in it. I didn’t want to take part in something that caused such a divide.. something that got people killed for their choices.. something that hurt people.. (I’m sure you all remember the 2016 voting time and how awful people got!)

I also felt like my opinion didn’t matter. That I wasn’t educated enough to Vote.

I worried if I fully understood it all enough to make the “right” decision for myself, my family and my country. It felt like a heavy burden and intimidated me quite a lot.

In the end, I just just as worthy and educated to make the “right” decision for myself, my family and my country as any other American was.

So I did it.

I got my Voter papers via mail and filled in each tiny dot to Vote, my Husband then drive me to the Police Station and I dropped it in the Official Ballot Box!

I felt so happy and powerful! I felt like I officially became an American.. like I did my part to help our Country be the best it can be.

Have y’all voted early yet?


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