I met my Husband online

It all started with me, six months out of a seven year marriage and meeting this man on okcupid ♡︎

The top photo was 5 months into our relationship during a birthday camping trip he took me on.
For years, I have stared at it over and over.

This photo represents a lot to me..

After my separation with my ex, I had given up on men.. I no longer believed in love.. I laughed at those who said “you’ll marry again!” Or “not all men are bad”.

I had a POOR taste in my mouth for all of that and simply wanted to live my life- just as a mommy and nothing else.

Months after my Separation, I joined Ok Cupid and to this day, I don’t even know why, but I’m so glad I did.

Little did I know that the day I decided to close my Ok Cupid account would be the day that my now Husband would write me.

There was an instant connection.. a familiar and comforting feeling about him that I instantly grew attached to.

In the blink of an eye- we were inseparable.

Our love ran deep. Deeper than any love I had ever experienced with a man before.

Several months into our relationship, we had realized we’d met before. It was a meeting only long enough to say “Nice to meet you”, but it stuck with us- we both remembered every detail of that quick encounter when I was 15/16, and he was just shy of going on his Mission.

We have built an amazing life together.
We are now just a few months shy of being together seven years, and just welcomed our third baby together!

So that photo.. I stare at it a lot.. it’s a reminder that even in the darkest of times, times where all you can see and feel are dark empty feelings.. there’s hope… there’s possibility.. there’s the ability to be happy again.

My life had gone from a very unhealthy relationship, separation, abandonment, neglect, abuse, dark-dark times to happiness, passion, hope.. it went from no possibility of a happy future to an unbelievably beautiful future.

My Husband saved me, my heart, my soul and my kids.

He picked me up when I was down and has carried me through every single battle I have since faced without tiring.
I feel so blessed to have him.

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