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Fawn Design bag review

This post may be sponsored, and may contain affiliate linking. All opinions are my own.

I got my first Fawn Design Bag two years ago.

When I got it, it was gifted to me from an amazing Baby Shower I attended for my pregnancy with Ella. The diaper bag I received was their OG Blush.


I literally had wanted to own a diaper bag backpack for years, and then to find out that these were made in Utah made it all better.

Pretty soon after, they rolled out their mini bags… I remember thinking how amazingly perfect those sounded and immediately put one on my Santa list! They started getting new colors- and I was eyeballing their forest green mini!

I was dying thinking how cute the minis would be for my two little girls!!

I really need to get those two babes a mini in blush!

They are wanting to be mini influencers like their mama, so I actually started them an Instagram account and have been reaching out to get them deals, which you can follow here!

My Husband ended up becoming Hubby of the Year because he ended up gifting me the exact Forrest green mini last Christmas!

He’s a smart man 😂

Since then, I have purchased another.. I know.. I know.. I’m obsessed! This time I got the brown leather mini and am SO in love!

They offer afterpay, which helps Eliot the cost up over four interest free payments, so there’s literally NO excuse here haha.

Afterpay loves me🙈🤣.. my bank account.. not so much😂..

Y’all.. The diaper bags this amazing company makes are TOP quality! TOP QUALITY!

They are made so well, and I’ve never had one issue with them. They come with a dust bag to store it in as well, to further protect them.

They have several pockets for organization inside and outside of them, and my most favorite part is the zipper on the back- it’s where I keep my wallet and it’s completely hidden! It makes me feel a lot safer.

Since my first bag, they have continued to grow as a company and have introduced many new adorable bags and other things like, Fanny packs, bag straps, bottle holders, paci holders, tassels and poufs, and their newest addition/ the circle bag….

Let me tell you.. I want this circle bag so bad! It crosses over your body and looks completely adorable!

My Fawn Design wish list is getting out of control!! Ha ha.

Have y’all heard of Fawn Design?

Do you own any of their amazing products?

I can’t wait to get more!!!


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