Nothing lasts forever


On even my worst days, I remind myself that N O T H I N G lasts forever.

Not a storm..
A bad day..
A bad moment..
Not a feeling..
Not a Season..

Knowing that- it feels bittersweet.. I mean, no one wants a bad day to last forever, but every mama and daddy out there want their babes to stay babes forever (right!?!)

Age and time give me A N X I E T Y.
I am terrified of growing old.
T E R R I F I E D.

I am a work in progress with this one.
I am not perfect and I know that!

I am trying to just sit back and take it all in.. the good and the bad… Truly relish in every single moment.

Feeling every single feeling and acknowledging them… knowing THIS is life.

There will be joy and there will be pain.

I try to meditate through the pain.. breathe through it.. don’t judge it.. allowing it to pass.

Always being thankful for the experience it taught me.

But.. ever so grateful for growth and the knowledge that IT WILL PASS.

What do you do to overcome your bad days? Bad moments? Fears?

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