Flu shot Chaos

I’m sure some of y’all may remember my post last year about our concerning experience when we vaccinated our kids with the Flu Vaccine..

If you havent a clue what post I am talking about, head over here and catch up!

In short though, our dearest Everly had a terrible experience after she got her Flu Shot! She became lethargic, got a terrible fever and a nasty rash.

And this isn’t our first issue with the Flu Vaccine.. my oldest Daughter, Brooklynn received the Flu vaccine and fainted and became lethargic from it, so now the Doctors have to give it to her in small doses.

Anyways- I completely forgot that Everly had a bad experience last year, so we took her in, and I failed to warn them or even remind them of her last experience and I guess it crossed her Doctors mind too.. well she got the shot, and almost instantly complained of pain.

I didn’t think a darn thing of it because I was just assuming she was acting that way to be dramatic or to get attention..

Well today, she was still complaining of pain when walking and being “super itchy”..

Still.. being MOM OF THE YEAR and all🥺- I again chalked it up to silliness.

We got home, and she mentioned her leg feeling hard- finally- my attention was caught!

I said, “hard!?!!!” That did not seem normal! All of a sudden every complaint and oddity that came from her made sense..

Day 1

I immediately looked at her thigh and it was RED.

It was rock hard.

It was terribly swollen.

It was hot to touch.


So, I am no helicopter parent, but when I see something wrong with my Child- I panic.

My heart was racing- I immediately called her Daddy and her Pediatrician. Her Doctor asked me to bring her in immediately, so I did.

Guilt overwhelmed me. I couldn’t believe I pushed her complaints off… I couldn’t believe I didn’t notice her odd behavior..

What kind of mommy was I to her in her moment of need?… in my opinion.. not a very good one!

I apologized over and over and her sweet soul somehow forgave me. I envy children’s ability to forgive and forget. To not judge.

We got to her Doctor and she felt terrible for not taking any precautions having known Everly’s history with the Flu Vaccine. She drew a circle around it and measured it. She asked me to bring her back immediately if the swelling grew outside of the circle she made.

She felt it would be best to immediately start her in an Antibiotic, so we left and picked that up.

This antibiotic requires 3 doses a day, and fortunately I was able to get all three of those in! But unfortunately her swelling and redness has grown outside of the circle, so we were asked to continue to watch it and call them if she starts acting odd.

Day 2-
Look at the difference in her leg sizes! The outer circle I made tonight and the inner circle was made at her DR appt

I feel terrible for allowing this to happen. I should not have failed her on this, but it was absolutely a learning lesson.

I’ll keep y’all updated on her progress!!

Xo Brittni

Day 3
Day 3

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