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We need to be the change in this world

I have been subjected to harassment, bullying, rape, negativity, harmful behaviors and accusations since a very young age.

And I wish I could say that now-as an adult- that it has stopped…

But it hasn’t.

But this isn’t a “pity me” story because I KNOW I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE, and how sad is that!? How terrible is it that we live in such destruction at times?!

As I sit here, healing from some recent trauma’s I experienced- I’m reminded of all the hate I’ve personally experienced or watched someone I love experience that was VERY unwarranted, and I’m reminded how cruel this world can be at times.

The world can be a scary place.

That much is true.

I’ve had my share of finding that out many times, and I have been cruel too. I’m not 100% innocent- I’ve hurt people before.

I’ve also had people I called friends hurt me… one minute they were my best friend, the next, they were spreading hateful lies, revenge porn and gossip about me… I have had family abandon me and turn on me.. I’ve had two people who I trusted deeply in my family, go against me in my custody battle to help my ex out of revenge! That shit right there is disgusting. Repulsive. And not just to me, but to my children!

I’ve had people say some NASTY accusations about me and my children.

I’ve had someone I trusted rape me. I’ve been sexually harassed more times than I can count on one hand.. I’ve had someone I loved cheat on me over and over and overrrrrr again… and that person is still out there hurting someone else by cheating on their current girlfriend.

Like.. why can’t people mind their own business? Why do people think others business is theirs? I’d never be so brave.

My mama raised me to mind my business and treat everyone (even those you dislike) with respect, so that is what I TRY to always do.

I mean, I could continue on and on with this..

But I won’t.

Sure, this is MY story, but we all have a STORY. We all deserve to heal. None of us deserved any of it…whatever your heartache may have been.

I refuse to let any of those bullies win.

Because I WON. I came out on top! They didn’t break me! I took what happened to me and didn’t let it form me in any negative way. I grabbed my pain and suffering and used it as a tool… a tool to form myself into the strong woman I am today, and now I use it help others.

So many of us have a story.

So many of us deserve to be heard.

We deserve to have peace and love in our hearts and minds.

So I’d love to give you a chance to shine- please feel free to comment on this post and tell me your story.

You deserve to be seen and heard.

Let’s all stand up and be strong together!


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