Making our own happiness

This photo was taken one year ago..

It’s amazing how fast time flies by, but still feels like yesterday.

I remember every detail of this day.. we were so excited to take Fall family pictures!
We drove up Provo Canyon just to find out that the Fall look was gone.. the trees were DEAD dead.. we drove for a couple of hours, just to find SOMETHING to work with.

By the time we found our spot, set the camera up and posed- we were all 𝔻𝕆ℕ𝔼!
Ella cried and cried.. the kids were SO bored.. we were all starving..

We decided to just take silly photosto try to cheer everyone up, and that is how this picture was born!

We realized that just because something we planned didn’t work out how we had expected or hoped, that it didn’t mean the day was ruined.
It didn’t mean we needed to just give up and go home.
It didn’t mean we wasted our gas and time..

It meant the opposite.

It meant that we got a day driving in the mountains..
It meant we got to take silly pictures and laugh..
It meant we got to breathe some fresh crispy Fall air..

We ended up playing together as a family.. the babes climbed on the trees.. we took silly pictures just for the heck of it. We chased each other and giggled.

We created an amazing memory.

Things may not have worked out how we’d hoped, but that didn’t mean that our day was ruined..

It was just an opportunity to re-frame our day.

An opportunity to hit the refresh button.

This day ended up being one of my favorite days.

This picture is a reminder that even though our plans may not work out, that the day goes on and we get to choose how it ends up through our response to the “issue”.

This day, we all chose happiness. We chose love.

It made me extremely proud to be the Mother of my children, and the Wife of my Husband.

Our lives aren’t promised- heck- our plans aren’t even promised, so we need to live each moment fully and with lots of love… after all, there is no room for any sadness or negativity.


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