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You don’t need permission to mother your way!

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You don’t need permission to mother your way.

No matter what you do, how you do it, how you say it, everyone is going to form their own opinion, but WHO CARES! All that matters is that your babies see you as a perfect mom!

Who cares what “they” say… and no matter how much you tear yourself down at night for yelling at your kids.. grounding them.. not buying them that candy at the market.. your babies think you are super mom. THEY love you! So why can’t you love yourself? Why can’t we see ourselves at the best mommy in the world as our babies still see us.. day after day.

I am not a perfect mom- I have to remind myself of these things every single day.
There isn’t one night I don’t pray to be a better mother, strive to be a better mother.. cry to be a better mother.. even PLEAD to be a better mother!

But there also isn’t a single day that goes by that I don’t see how amazing my children are, how respectful they are, how loving they are- so I must be a good mom, right!?


Focus on the good over the bad. Focus on how wonderful you are!

Parent your way- because mama- it is the RIGHT way!

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