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Helping my confidence as a mom with a try on haul

This post is sponsored by Called To Surf and may contain affiliate linking or a paid partnership- although all opinions are my own.

Moms don’t get enough credit.. heck- women don’t get enough credit!

We’re expected to carry babies for 9-10 months, clean the house, work, run errands, clean every diaper, make every meal..Be up all night with our babies, lose “all that” baby weight fast.. breastfeed.. and then get mom-shamed for that one second we want to ourselves.

Since when did motherhood become a competition?

I’ve birthed seven children.. I’ve raised six of those. My body is far from perfect. My parenting is still being fine tuned. I’m a work in progress.
I’m older now.. my body won’t just ‘snap back’.. no matter how much effort I’ve been putting in- it just isn’t cooperating at the pace I’d prefer.. but that’s ok! I’ve learned to be patient with it.

My highest weight during my pregnancy was 235 pounds.. I currently weigh 206 pounds.

I’m not at all embarrassed to say that. It’s just a number on a scale after all. How I feel is all that matters to me. Making my best effort to have a healthy lifestyle is what’s important..

I’ve endured public shame more than ever since having this platform- as if some of y’all feel some right to my body and how it should look.. but I’m grateful for your opinions- whether they’re positive or just plain rude. No matter the context- they’ve empowered me.

They’ve been a major part of my journey to love myself on a deeper level.

I am me. I may not ever be who ‘you’ want me to be, but I don’t live for you- I live for me.

I love myself. Every wrinkle.. stretch mark.. curve.. I am happy and I’ll admit- wearing clothes like this adorable outfit from @calledtosurf boost my confidence as well!!

There’s something about a good dress with a pair of espadrilles that just makes you smile a bit wider that day!

Thank you so much @calledtosurf for helping boost my confidence and be in this journey with me!

👗: Concerto Lace Dress $74
👠: Ellen Sandal $59.99


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