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I tried microblading🙈😬

This post is sponsored by Brow Addiction and may contain affiliate linking or a paid partnership- although all opinions are my own.

One thing about me, is that I’m a bit obsessed with my brows!

It all started when I was in my EARLY twenty’s. My hairstylist friend had started using eyeshadow to fill hers in to make the look thicker.. so naturally, I started doing it.

I loved how it looked on me. My natural brows were lighter towards the tails and they just seemed uneven, so it gave me a little more confidence in them.

As time went on, lining underneath them as well as eye shadowing became the thing, so.. I did that! It gave them more depth and I loved that it made them look even! The eye shadow drive me crazy still though… by the end of the day, it had faded or smeared, so I decided to start just doing pencil.

I learned how to shape them to give them the best look and at first I would do the inside lighter and had it go darker toward the tails.

Which was totally the thing to do!

This year, individual stroke have become the “it thing”, and I was so drawn to it! I loved the natural vibe- after all- I don’t wear any makeup aside from eye makeup occasionally.

Foundation and all that contour crap is not something I like!

So I wanted to try to future out how to draw on individual strokes.

I tried several brow pens and I hated them all!! I even tried doing soap brows, with no luck.. I was stuck.. I couldn’t do it!

I knew my only option was microblading. After all, it is basically a semi-permanent tattoo, and I’d seen amazing results online..

Problem was, my brows were my babies.. what if something went wrong and I was stuck in brow hell for a year plus!?

I HAD to do my research.

A few months later, I was introduced to Brooke, Owner of Brow Addiction in Sandy, UT via Instagram!

We immediately discussed collaborating together once I was no longer pregnant with Hawk.

I was ecstatic- her work was amazing!

She seemed so professional and full of knowledge.

Fast forward to the day of my appointment..

I was so excited to get them done! I had spent all night prior doing research on how I wanted my brows to look and was super excited to finally have the brows of my dreams.

Sure.. I saw all the horror stores and brow fails online, and saw all the warnings for the pain of its, but I wasn’t worried.

I trusted Brooke and KNEW she would mark off every level in my checkbook that I needed or wanted.

Brooke greeted me very warmly in her quaint and adorable studio. She wore a mask, and all her protective gear to ensure no infection or issue occurred. I really appreciated the steps she took to keep me safe.

At first, she had me fill out paperwork, then it was time to measure my face and start drawing on my brows to get an outline.

Step one

Before she microbladed them, she had me continue to look at them to see if I wanted the shape, or thickness tweaked or adjusted from how she had planned to blade them in.

Once the shape looked perfect, she put numbing cream on them.. waited several minutes, then it was go time!!

Numbing time

Like I stated earlier, I wasn’t afraid for it to hurt. Honestly, I felt like it’s probably feel like getting a tattoo, and when I got mine, I loved how it felt..

I’d compare it to getting a cat scratch or scratching a sunburn.. nothing crazy! I enjoyed the pain hah.

It didn’t take long at all at this point. She started blading away.. she took her time, and was a perfectionist about it! After she was done with some side, she soaked it in color to really ensure it stayed!

Soaking these puppies on

Once both sides were boxed on, and soaked- she bladed more color into the original cut areas and added more color backwards then cleaned them up and I was done!!

Scroll to the bottom for the results!

One thing I loved about her was that she wanted so much to ensure only experience was amazing, that the entire time, she was checking on me and informing me of every detail so I knew what was happening.

I also loved that she was adamant to do as minimal and naturally as possible on the first visit, and add tweaks or adjustments on the 6 week touch up appointment, that was it’s not “too bold” and you can adjust it to more of your liking later.

I really appreciated that because- I wanted a natural brow- not a blocky brow!

Once I was done, she handed me an amazing recovery bag filled with cleaned, creams, mints, instructions and a satin pillowcase.

You may be wondering why a pillowcase- haha. I sure was!

Apparently one of the healing rules is to try to sleep on your back, not in your sides or stomach, but obviously we can’t fully control how we’re sleeping, so just in case, she has you sleep with a satin pillowcase so it’s not rough or scratchy on your brows!

Brooke truly went above and beyond during my appointment, and after!

She has been so informative and I just couldn’t imagine anyone else having done them!

I am beyond grateful I met her and will forever have an amazing brow artist and friend!

Head on over to her website at Brow Addiction’s Website and set yourself up an appointment! Right now, she is offering $100 off her packages with code “100off”, but HURRY!! It’s just for the month of October!

If you wanna check out my post on her on my Instagram as well, here is the link, My Brow Addiction review !!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my brows!!!!

Have a beautiful day babes!! 🤍

Day two of healing

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