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Coparenting isn’t hard.. Third parties are what make it hard

*Disclaimer- this is in no way about my ex Husband. This is about a third party around my family*

Recently, I was made aware of some cyber bullying attacks against me. I have chosen to keep quiet up until now because I was raised better than to tear others down by bullying, harassment or making slanderous comments, but considering their continued attempts to tarnish my reputation, and in turn mentally/emotionally harming my children over doing so, I have chosen to speak up to protect my family.

In doing this, I will be attempting to keep this persons identity as anonymous as I can, because, unlike them, I want to protect my children and was raised better than to be a bully for attention.

This person is ‘near’ my inner circle and is considered a third party to my Custody Order. For several years, this person has attempted to cause emotional and mental harm to my family through comments, actions, accusations and interfering with a legal custody order which isn’t theirs.

Up until this past month, I just did everything in my power to ignore them and rise above them knowing they were insecure and projecting outward because they were truly just unhappy and jealous as a whole.

My text response to this person . I have always tried to treat this person kindly even though I hate them, because I was raised that way.

I recently opened my youngest daughters up an Instagram account, and a suggestion to follow this persons new account came up. I made the decision to go to their page to block them to avoid any unnecessary drama, but was shocked to see that their public ‘’mom diaries’ account was strongly about ME. 🤔🙄🤣

My first reaction was- do they have nothing better to do with their life than to put so much energy into their lives about me!?!

Hey must be bored and hate their life.

Then I realized- this persons account is public.. and they’re posting very disturbing accusations/comments- illegally obtained/manufactured (faked) “documents” about me or “from me” which my children could easily be exposed to.

After all, this person didn’t use a stage name and their account was public making anyone who knows this persons name able to easily find the malicious content.

How would my children feel if they saw this side of this person? How safe would they feel around this person after that? Would they trust their Father anymore knowing he allowed this to happen and that he didn’t try to protect them by stopping it?

I don’t fully blame their Father, but he did allow this damaging material and behavior (which is against our legal Order on his end and his third parties end) to happen, so some responsibility needs to be taken on his end.

You see, coparenting hasn’t always been easy, but I believe it hasn’t been easy because of third parties interfering.

And this person and one other seem to interfere A LOT. For some reason they feel like they have a right to interject or push their opinions to alter my ex’s mindset when they have NO RIGHTS. ZERO.

I made babies with my ex, not them..

The order is between my ex and I, not them, so they need to butt out completely.

They’re not my children’s parents. And aside from being considered-not by name, but as a third party to our order, they have no rights.


They’re just expected to abide by our ‘legal rules’ and follow them completely. Which the order states very clearly. 🛑

This person creating a page to attack, harass, disparage and bully myself- and ultimately my children- is 100% against my Custody Order and on top of that it is in fact illegal aside from that Order.

This person has not stopped interjecting, harassing and publishing slanderous content online (which is considered Libel) about me as a mother, so I have been forced to take Legal action against this person to protect my family.

This persons content not only has private texts they obtained illegally/manufactured/created falsely that were private between my child and myself, but they always have posted who I am and my photo (which is another illegal bit to add to the list of their crimes).

To me, if they wanted to protect my children, and other people they claim to love- they would 100% never do something so incredibly damaging that threatens A LOT. Not only is this irreparably damaging to the minors involved, but it is damaging to their relationship with their third party because they’re going against a legal and binding order in order to “gain attention and pity to become an influencer online”.

One thing I’ve noticed about people like this person is that they are either insecure, jealous or a mixture of both.

I refuse to allow people to cause such harm and destruction in my families life when it comes to my children.

All of my children. Not just my three with my ex, but all six of my babes.

This is where I wish, hope and pray that they stop their destructive behaviors and correct it before something unfortunate is forced to happen to ultimately force them to stop it.

I have no confidence that this person will stop their destructive ways, so I am already prepared to move forward legally.

I do not care if this person likes me.

Honestly, I dislike them. Anyone who causes this type of harm to my children, does drugs in front of my minor children (hello video proof!) and gets blackout drunk and encourages someone else to do so- against a COURT ORDER, while also forgetting their child in their car while they go shopping at the mall and is recorded constantly bashing myself and my youngest children in front of my older children- amongst many other things will NEVER. EVER. E V E R R be my friend.


But that doesn’t mean I ever need to treat them as low as they treat other.

Honestly.. This person is incredibly irrelevant to me. They’re just a fart in the air.

Heck, my children don’t even like this person, and now I can truly see why!

This persons is a hypocrite. Their posts that attack me very aggressively, but then are all hash-tagged at the bottom with hypocritical tags like #bekind #supporteachother and what not.. how can they see it as non-hypocritical when their posts account were created to vent/bash me?

The hypocrisy is HEAVY

It is so much drama to have to deal with when it comes to this person, and for some reason they love to feel like they have some sort of right with my children when they are no one but a third party.

This is where the saying “don’t believe what you read or see on the internet” truly matters.

I have always believed that the internet is easily manipulated, that there are two sides to every story and to make your decisions on people based on their actions, not their words or the words of others, which is why I am so transparent about my flaws and wrongdoings on my platforms.

I’d rather tell my story than have any one else tell it for me.

I had had enough of that bull happening, so I created my platform to tell my truth and help others, and believe me when I say I have ALL THE evidence to prove everything- E V E R Y T H I N G I put on here.

Every text, every audio clip, every video.

I have an entire file cabinet of proof solely dedicated to this crap- so if they want to continue to try me or harm my children.. I will be forced to follow through with it Legally.

To me, my silence in the beginning showed more about who I am as a person and looked absolutely better on me than her destructive ways.

I have continued to stay discreet by keeping this anonymous, while she continues to blast me on the internet and I will continue to maintain discretion to protect my babiesz

So, as you can see- in my opinion, co parenting with my ex isn’t hard. Dealing with their third parties is what is difficult.

I want more for my children.

They don’t deserve the chaos this person has created in their lives and to be honest- my ex doesn’t either.

I need them to have a childhood they don’t have to recover from and clearly this person is preventing that, so something needs to change.


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