Mama.. it won’t always be like this.. and when it’s not- your gonna miss it!

Mama, I know your days are long and hard.. They may be filled with wild tantrums, tattling, colic, teenage hormones, messes, endless screaming, diaper change after diaper change,

Babes refusing to nap or that wake up all throughout the night..

Giving them every ounce of yourself that you have that day.. over and over.. never having a moment to yourself..

Days go by where the kids and the house get cleaned/attention before you do.. self care isn’t your priority anymore.. on top of that- your confidence may have taken a hit.. with your new weight, stretch marks, postpartum hair loss and moodiness..

Now you may feel even more disconnected from yourself than ever…

Maybe you feel everything above.. maybe nothing at all.. I’m a mixture of both, but last night something hit me while laying in bed with my Husband.. Hawk was inconsolable. Colicy. Gassy.

We looked at each other and realized how quickly our children have grown.. how one day (soon), Hawk will be out of the newborn phase and we’ll greatly miss it.

Sure, we were exhausted.. sure we couldn’t console our sweet babe.. but it’s all worth it.

The hair loss, weight gain, stretch marks, loss of sleep, moodiness.. every single change brought to us by having a child.. it is all WORTH IT.

For one day.. and one day soon.. I will miss the 2 am wake ups.. I’ll miss the midnight feeding sessions and snuggles.. I’ll miss his tiny voice trying to cry.. I’ll miss the awe and wonder in his face as he learns and grows..

So mama’s.. I know it’s hard- like SUPER hard (some days more than others).. but hold on to each and every single beautiful and precious moment with your babes and know in each hard moment- that one day, you WILL miss this day.


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