Becoming a mother was always in my cards

Becoming a mother was always in my cards.

I remember being little and daydreaming of adopting all these little babes, on top of having my own.

I would sit in my room for hours playing house, and I had a realistic looking doll that I named Lisee that I took everywhere!
My mom would buy her real baby clothes and she even had a real car seat and stroller!

I was such a little mama.

So when it came to getting pregnant with my first at 17- sure there was fear of the unknown and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone… but there was always happiness inside me as well.

To me, babies are blessings, and it does not matter how or why they came to- all that matters is that God sent them to me and it was now my responsibility to raise them with love and care.

I never put a number on “how many” I’d have and honestly, only three of mine were “planned”.. but planned or not, they were a part of someone else’s plan for me and I’ve always trusted that.

Being a mother has been one of the most difficult, scary, stressful, happy, loving and rewarding challenges of my life.

I wouldn’t change my path for anything.

My children are everything to me.
They’re beautiful, silly, chaotic, brilliant and perfectly imperfect.

During my pregnancy with Hawk, my Husband and I decided to have him get a Vasectomy because my health was very poor and we didn’t feel like me carrying more babes would be good for my body, but we still haven’t cut off the idea of having more children.

We would love to be able to adopt later on!

Having many children doesn’t appeal to everyone, but I am not a mother to appeal to anyone, but my family.

This is what works best for us and we are extremely happy.. stressed at times, but happy😂

How many babes do you have? Do you plan on having more?


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