Postpartum depression..

You hear the ups and downs of the three trimesters in pregnancy, but it is not as common to discuss the “fourth” (and most important) phase, postpartum.

For me, postpartum has affected me with all of my seven pregnancies. And with each of these pregnancies, it is hit me differently.
Pregnancy 1- I sank DEEP into depression. I never wanted to hold my beautiful babe and I felt an unbearable amount of mom guilt and jealousy that was all untreatable through medication.

Pregnancy 2- I felt lonely and a sadness that was only curable when holding my babe.

Pregnancy 3- Bipolar waves of emotion hit me all throughout my days. By the time I had realized I was feeling one way, and why…💥 BAM- a new wave came through.
Breastfeeding and that bond helped me cope.

Pregnancy 4- Depression, anger and mood swings were my constant for the first few months. My hormones were raging!

Pregnancy 5- Some sadness, a loss of identity.. I felt outside of my body. I felt lost and confused.

Pregnancy 6- (so far) I feel sadness. I feel lonely. Waves of emotions are a constant. I can’t sleep because my mind won’t stop.

If you are a new mom, or have had children before- I am sure you have had one of another of these symptoms during your fourth trimester.

You are NOT ALONE.

You should not feel shame!

This is all NORMAL!

Even though we are in a blissful and beautiful moment, having just brought our babes home- it is OK to feel sad.. lonely.. depressed.. confused.. or whatever feeling you’re feeling!
You do not need to shame yourself, feel guilty or feel like a bad mommy- because you ARE NOT any of those!

You are a badass mommy who just birthed your beautiful baby… who’s hormones are raging because you are RECOVERING!!

Recovering takes time ladies!!

Give yourself some grace- you are doing amazing!!! We are all perfectly imperfect and I promise you- you will overcome this dark season and your child(ten) will still love you and won’t judge you over your NORMAL reactions!

What postpartum symptoms did y’all feel?

📸: @evairenephotography


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