Ridding my family of negativity

I made a commitment to myself this past year to rid myself of anything / anyone negative from my space..
No matter who or what it was- if it didn’t spark joy in my life- it needed to be gone.

In that process, I learned more about myself as a woman, mother, wife and mom boss.
I found my inner voice.
I realized my strengths and weaknesses.
I found MY parenting style (and quit listening to all the Karen’s opinions).
I learned to prioritize what is most important in my days.

In this change, I became an entire new Brittni (Hey! Nice to meet ya🥰)
Who I was last month, last year.. She’s old news. 💁🏼‍♀️

Although it was hard to rid myself of certain people and certain things.. It has overall given me a sense of strength.
A power I never knew.

I put myself and my family first. I stopped caring about what anyone else felt about our choices and lifestyle.

The negative Nancy’s in my life were silenced and now (although I am still learning) I am killing it at my new way of life!💪🏻

At first, I felt guilt.. sadness.. I questioned my decision to cut some people out of my life.
But I’ve since realized how much less dramatic.. less stressful my life is.

I have realized that I am a DAMN GOOD Mommy and Wife- because I always try my best and I always do what is best for my family.

I have realized that I am kind hearted, deeply loving, forgiving and overall a good soul.

This challenge hasn’t been easy, but it has been worth it and every single day I will continue to try and work harder than I did the day prior because I am committed to loving a life that isn’t just revolved around negativity!

Who’s with me!? 🤍

📸: @evairenephotography


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