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Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag review

This post is sponsored by Petunia Picklebottom and may contain affiliate linking or a paid partnership- although all opinions are my own.

I am so in love with my new Mickey Mouse Backpack from Petunia Picklebotton🖤

As you all know, we are planning on taking our family to Disneyland next year- so OF COURSE we are going to go all themed out so I am super thrilled about this addition! 🤓

Not only is it perfect for our trip, but it’s is also extremely convenient for every day use! It has multiple deep pockets to hold every mom thing you have (diapers, wipes, chapstick, bottles.. and so on!)
But it is also made by high quality, stain resistant material that makes it extremely easy to clean! (Umm thank you!!)🖤

It also comes with a water-resistant, washable changing pad and a wipes case y’all!! This is all super amazing, but I have to admit.. my absolute favorite feature it has are the D rings on the straps to easily attach it to your stroller!!😍

(ok.. funny story- I was once told by a woman I met that she was raised to believe that you should never put your purse on the ground because it causes financial bad luck!)
SOOO in a nutshell- I now believe that and NEVER put my purse on the ground, SO the D ring feature this backpack diaper bag offers are literally my favorite thing ever!😂

It is safe to say that I ADORE this bag, but why take my word for it!? Get yourself one and try it out for yourself!! You will not regret it! This bag will help to make you a more organized and stylish mama!

Head on over to
to get yours today mamas!!


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