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Freshly Picked has a swaddle now!!

This post is sponsored by Freshly Picked and may contain affiliate linking or a paid partnership- although all opinions are my own.

Freshly Picked is one of my favorite brands to shop from y’all!

Not only do they sell moccasins, but they also sell things like diaper bags, face masks, sandals and NOW swaddles!! Yes- you heard me!! Swaddles! And I got to try one out to let y’all know what I thought!🤍

Ok.. real talk- I have tried two other snuggle swaddles from other name brands on Hawk since he was born, and let me tell you- This one is my favorite!!

The fabric is breathable, stretchy and light weight, the snuggle band inside is adjustable, removable and supports healthy joint development!
They’re also fully transitional (one size fits all!!), so you won’t need to buy a bigger size as your babe grows!🥰

I put my babe in this and within 3 minutes he was fast asleep! THREE MINUTES MAMAS!! 🙏🏻

These are on pre order right now, so be sure to follow the link below to get yours ordered, and use the code: FPXFRECKLED
to score yourself 20% off!!📣


While you’re there, check out their newest Disney Collab- Winnie the Pooh!! And their fall moccs! Swipe to see what I picked for Hawk! 🥰🥰🥰

🛍Head over to:
http://liketk.it/2Wcxs and remember to use the code: FPxFreckled 🤍


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