My epidural failed

My epidural failed me💉

With all of my Labor’s, I have chosen to get the Epidural. Personally, it was just what was best for me.

My first three labors, it worked perfectly! Maybe a little too well🤣.. my fourth labor was a different story- it worked, BUT not until after I delivered my baby!!

My labor was an hour and a half with Everly. Not even five minutes after I received the epidural, did I deliver her!
Little mama was ready to come out!😂
All the nurses made jokes like “not often do mamas have the epidural start working AFTER birth🤣

Then with Ella, it worked perfectly, but with Hawk… that’s a whole other story!

I was dilated to a 6/7 by the time I requested one. The Anesthesiologist came in right away and (painfully) administered it. All seemed well.. but honestly I wasn’t feeling pain from the contractions my whole labor.. so I’m unsure of it it ever really did anything..

My body was stuck at a 6/7 and my baby wouldn’t go down the birth canal, so they had me using a peanut ball and doing all sorts of positions to help the situation.
I noticed at one point that just my left side was numb and only slightly, so the nurses moved me again thinking that would help.. but it didn’t.

By 7/8 cm dilated the numbing completely disappeared..😬😥

They asked me if I had wanted the Anesthesiologist to come back in and fix it, but at that point it was GO TIME!

I was exhausted from laboring 12 1/2 hours and I knew I needed to start pushing, so I just accepted that I was going to have him naturally.

I had done it before with Everly, so I knew I could do it! 💪🏻

Nothing with my pregnancy or labor and delivery turned out how I wanted or planned, it somehow.. it was ok.

It humbled me.

Helped me realize that I am not 100% in control and that’s ok.

I trusted my body.
I trusted my OB.

In the end, Hawk and I were ok, so everything was ok. 🤍🤍🤍


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