As much as I’ll miss my belly..

I can’t believe it’s been a week since my Son was inside of me. 💕

As much as I miss my belly..
As much as I miss feeling his wiggles..
As much as I miss the connection..
And feeling his hiccups..

We now have a new normal.
A new dynamic..
A new way of life.

Instead of feeling him inside of me, I get to hold him in my arms.

Instead of my body feeding him, I get to make his food and feed him.

Instead of feeling his wiggles inside of me, I get to watch his every move.

I cherish every time he gazes in my eyes as he feeds.
I cherish every time he grabs my finger and holds it.
I cherish every time he looks around with such curiosity.
I cherish every coo he makes.
..every time I wake up with him is more time to bond, and I hold on those moments deeply because I know in a blink of an eye, they will be over.

I no longer carry two hearts inside of my body, but my heart grew 7 times the original size with each child I held.
I will forever carry a part of him within me.

Sure, I will miss every part of pregnancy, but it’s time for a new normal.
It’s time for us to all grow together and settle in to this new life of being a family of eight.


Product on my tummy is by DermaClara- use code: BBADC10 😘


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