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Dockatot helped my baby sleep all night

This post is sponsored by Dockatot and may contain affiliate linking or a paid partnership- although all opinions are my own.

Two of my most FAVORITE things to have for a babe in one photo!

Between the Keenz Stroller Wagon and the Dockatot– this Mama is HAPPY!🥰

As you know, the Dockatot Grand was a life changer for Ella and her sleep. She went from restless and sleeping in our bed every night to sleeping alone in her Dockatot Grand within a matter of DAYS after being gifted it by Dockatot!

We had such success with her, that we just knew we needed a Dockatot Deluxe+ for Hawk! So we were thrilled when they sent us one!

Since Hawk came home from the hospital, we have had him sleeping in his Deluxe+ and when I say he is an AMAZING sleeper- I am not lying! He sleeps so well that we wake up in a panic wondering why he hasn’t woken up!!😅

He sleeps for 3-5 hour stretches and is only awake long enough to change and feed in between!! And over half the time, we have to wake him!!

I know the Dockatot Deluxe+ is the reason for this!!! These loungers are a GAME CHANGER!

I only wish I had one with my other babes!! 🤣

Ella has the Dockatot Grand with the Cloud Gray cover, and Hawk has the Deluxe+ with the Natural Buffalo cover and the Cheeky Chums Toy Bundle🤍

‼️Get yours here; ‼️


Or here;



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