The yucky fourth trimester

This is the fourth trimester.. but most importantly, this is motherhood.

♥︎I still look pregnant.
♥︎I’m wearing massive hospital pads.
♥︎I’m rocking their fishnet panties.
♥︎My boobs are engorged and leaking everywhere.
♥︎My milk wasn’t a match for my babe
♥︎My hair is a mess. (Hello- have I heard of a brush!?)
♥︎I’m swollen-everywhere.
♥︎Everything hurts.
♥︎My stomach is squishy.
♥︎Postpartum depression has hit me HARD.
♥︎I cry all of the time since birthing him.

Yes.. all of the above is true, but I’m choosing to focus on something else…

♡︎My body is recovering.
♡︎My body is beautiful because it just created, held and birthed a beautiful 8 pound boy.
♡︎I WILL overcome my PP depression as I have 5x before. It will NOT rule me.
♡︎My hair can look a hot mess-(no one cares!)
♡︎No one is expecting anything from me right now. They all understand.
♡︎My boobs may hurt as they dry up, but it is just temporary.
♡︎The aches, pains and swelling just prove how amazing my body is.. that even after an exhausting 13 hour labor- it still functions properly.
♡︎The one stretch mark I earned from this pregnancy is just one little piece Hawk left with me as a memory of my pregnancy with him.
♡︎Even though I can not breastfeed Hawk, I TRIED! For his health it didn’t work out- so I am trusting that formula will give him everything he needs! And I won’t be shamed over it because it is what is best for him.
♡︎I May cry all of the time, but it’s NORMAL. I’m crying over gratitude. Blessings. Joy. My tears may be seen as weakness to some, but I cry happy tears. Tears of strength.

This is the fourth trimester. It isn’t pretty to some.. but to me, it is MY journey.
This is motherhood.
These things are all normal and are not flaws.

I am real.. I am a mommy.. I am 100% NOT perfect, but that to me is perfect.


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