Saving the best for last..

You were not my first child, that much is true..
I loved others before loving you.

I’m a different mother this time around, more calm and confident I’ve found.

Since you came, there’s a new dimension. Six children now want my attention.

I know what the next months have in store, and each phase you reach I’ve seen before.

THAT DOESN’T MEAN I LOVE YOU LESS; this time the feelings more complex.

I’m pleased to see you learn and grow, but it also pulls my heartstrings so.

I was so excited the first time ‘round, that this time I want to slow things down.

Your “firsts” will all be “lasts” for me, last crawl and last 3 am snuggles for me.
Last diaper, midnight feedings, spoons full of mush.. last rock to sleep, last cry to hush.

.. but the last child I will have, is you.

You’re the last lullaby I will ever sing,
And “lasts” are a special kind of thing.


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