Today is your due date..

Happy due date Hawk!

We are so blessed to have become your parents.

You are so sweet and you barely fuss.

You let delivery was a little crazy and a lot chaotic.. at times it was scary, but I’d do it all over again just to be able to have you in my arms so I can kiss you anytime I want.

You are everything our family needed to be complete.

You remind us to be humble and compassionate and to always ALWAYS always do everything with love.

Your energy is just addicting.

I feel so protective over you and can not wait to see who you become..
But please don’t grow too fast!

I adore everything about you.. from your velvet skin.. your raspy voice.. your furry face.. your long fingers and toes.. your curiosity.. your baby smell!

You are addicting and I never want to be fixed of this addiction.

We all love you so much Hawk♥︎

A HUGE thank you to @dockatot for his amazing deluxe+ lounger and toy bar! We are obsessed with this and he slept 4 hours straight last night because of it!! Now he can be like his big sister Ella who loves her Grand Dockatot!!

Get yours here; https://shrsl.com/2gpl6


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